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International Relations,


Peace Studies

This page shares my academic research interests and publications.   

I completed my PhD in the summer of 2004 at the Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford, in England.  My research looked at the role of senior Russian academics in developing Russian policy toward NATO expansion during the Yeltsin years (Abstract and Table of Contents). I conducted two field research trips to Moscow in 1996 (two months) and 1997 (4 months).

In April 2001, I spoke on a panel at York University's  Centre for International and Security Studies on the theme Russia and the West: A New Stage in Relations (scroll to the end of the newsletter).

In Spring 2000, I wrote a short commentary discussing some of the implications of President Putin's election victory.  It was published in the Department of Peace Studies Newsletter, as Vladimir Putin: Democracy, Western Relations, and Chechnya.

Prior to the Presidential election in the winter of 2000, I wrote an article which challenged the mainstream media view that acting President Vladimir Putin was an unknown, mysterious, figure.  The article, Vladimir Putin: Policeman - Reformer - President, was published in the Winter 2000 edition of UN and Conflict Monitor.

Just before NATO countries made their final decision to expand NATO to the east, I wrote a briefing paper which was submitted to European Union and British members of parliament.  Copies were also sent to Canadian MPs and the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Department of National Defence.  This paper provided an overview of Russian Elites' Perceptions Of NATO Expansion (ISIS Briefing Paper, No.11, May 1997).

During a trip to Russia in 1996 I had the opportunity to work as an accredited international election observer for both rounds of the Presidential Elections.  A short summary of my observations was published in the Department of Peace Studies Newsletter, No.12, Summer 1996

Dr. Tom Angelakis Ph.D. (Peace Studies, Bradford), M.Sc. (Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, London School of Economics), B.A. (History/Politics, Trent)

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